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How good is Nginx over Apache?

Choosing the best web server to enhance and improve your website experience is no easy task. With many web servers in the market, you might find it difficult to narrow down to an optimal solution. It is prudent to perform an exclusive and thorough analysis in terms of control, ease of use, speed and functionality before settling for any web server. If you are managing a high traffic, a dedicated server that will assist you in avoiding devastating crashes, limited operation potential and downtime comes in handy.

Nginx which is a reverse proxy server and an open source web server is designed to give you exclusive services that will leave you amazed by its power and functionality. Nginx server’s capabilities as compared to servers like Apache, are much valuable and worth investing in. Over the time, Nginx has grown to stand as one of the most respected web server in the market. Some of the distinctive Nginx features that override Apache as an ultimate choice are;

Performance - Nginx takes the lead!

When it comes to architectural dimensions, Nginx takes the fore stand. Apache being a process and thread driven server, its performance is derailed by the fact that it has to spawn new threads or processes for every request made. This spinning of numerous processes in order to handle new requests consumes a lot of RAM making it slow if not inefficient. In addition the performance plummets much faster when a standard hardware is used or when used in a resource restricted setting like a VPS.

On the other hand, Nginx takes absolute credit when it comes to the performance. Being an event based web server, it does not need to spawn any new processes or any threads for every request made. Nginx handles requests in a single thread, which makes it fast in performance consuming very less memory for all concurrent requests. Nginx event based ability makes it efficient when handling other applications like wordpress. It can handle up to 8000 live traffic requests / sec. this is vibrant! Apache is nowhere close to this!

Light and lean - Nginx scores most!

Nginx is designed with simplicity in mind. Its lightweight, ease of use, stability and control gives it an upper hand over Apache. You only need few hardware resources to enjoy Nginx services as compared to Apache which needs much storage and strong hardware resources for performance. This advantage makes Nginx a choice for many users who need a light and lean web server with no complication.

Making Nginx your choice web server will be a supreme investment if you are looking for a fast and efficient dedicated web server to skyrocket your website functionality.

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