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Nginx hosting UK is the leading webhosting company in UK, with over 120,000 hosted servers. Our 400,000+ clients have be confident on us to ensure the feasibility of their data storage. Nginx's data centers have fool proof security system which have installed armored doors, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, the latest fire detection, latest extinguishing system and have ability to maintain data security assurance & service continuity in any circumstances. Now we have 8 data centers in running process and we are launching our 9th Data Center in Gravelines for reliability of service to our customers. Below are details of our last 3 types of data center for your review.


All of Nginx's expertise

Roubaix-4 is the latest data center which is placed in Roubaix. We have great experience of 10 years with this data center of research and development of energy efficiency. This data center providing us a state of the art cooling and a cube design around a heat removal chimney, now we reduced our electricity bill in half. These 6 data centers are backbone of the Nginx Hosting Company.


A datacenter -- in a box

Nginx Hosting company have installed his 7th data center in eastern France namely SBG-1. First time in the history, Nginx Company designed a datacenter in recycled container scalable and less expensive data center. It is placed on fiber optical cable in the heart of Europe to maintain the fast speed and quality service continuity.


Welcome America

Nginx Hosting Company builds his 8th data center which made success in Europe. In this datacenter Nginx offered very reliable & fast dedicated servers which are four times cheaper than its North American competitors. It is build in North America with a total capacity of 360,000 high speed servers which promises to break records.

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